Brazil's Ministry of Health Expands Dengue Vaccine with Expiration until April 30 for Ages 4 to 59

Expansion will be defined by municipalities according to availability

São Paulo

The Ministry of Health issued a technical note on Wednesday night (17) expanding dengue vaccination to all individuals aged 4 to 59, as approved by the vaccine's label.

The strategy aims to reduce the loss of doses expiring on April 30 and is only valid for this group. Municipalities with vaccine doses nearing the expiration date are responsible for the expansion strategy.

The ministry does not know how many of the 686 municipalities that received the dengue vaccine have doses nearing expiration.

The Ministry of Health recommends expanding to ages 6 to 16. If municipalities continue to have low adherence to the vaccination campaign, doses nearing expiration could still be expanded to the entire population aged 4 to 59, as approved by Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency).

According to the ministry, everyone who received one dose should be guaranteed a second one.

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