Brazil's Ministry of Health Now Says It Will Publish Total Deaths and Cases of Covid-19

Ministry also said it will only highlight the data actually recorded in the last 24 hours


Brazil's Ministry of Health stepped back and announced on Monday (8) that it would resume publishing cumulative numbers of deaths and confirmed cases of Covid-19. However, the ministry confirmed that it would only share the data recorded in the last 24 hours.

The ministry said it would disclose deaths that had occurred on the reported day and not those that were being notified on the reported day. It had been doing this since the beginning of the pandemic. This is also the model used by virtually all countries.

The executive secretary of the Ministry of Health, Élcio Franco Credito:Anderson Riedel/PR - Anderson Riedel/PR

The death figures, therefore, will be less. This is because the compiled number of deaths by the date of the notification considered not only the cases of the last 24 hours but also the previous deaths that were awaiting confirmation of infection by the novel coronavirus.

The new disclosure format will be available on an interactive platform on the internet. The executive secretary of the Ministry of Health, Élcio Franco, informed that the platform might be available from this Tuesday (9).

Franco also reported that there would be no recount of Covid-19 victims. The proposal was raised by businessmen Carlos Wizard, who was supposed to become a special advisor to the ministry, but ended up withdrawing his nomination the next day.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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