Russia Expects Sputnik V Vaccine Registration in Brazil in December and Production in January

Anvisa says it has not yet received a request for testing or registration of the Russian vaccine

São Paulo and Brasília

Kirill Dmitriev, director of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), expects Russia to register the Sputnik V vaccine in Brazil in December. The Gamaleya Institute is developing the vaccine, which is in phase 3 of clinical trials.

The Russian vaccine will be produced in the country in partnership with the pharmaceutical company União Química. The Bahia government already purchased 50 million doses to be delivered directly from the Russian institute.

A nurse prepares to inoculate volunteer Ilya Dubrovin, 36, with Russia's new coronavirus vaccine in a post-registration trials at a clinic in Moscow on September 10, 2020. - Russia announced last month that its vaccine, named "Sputnik V" after the Soviet-era satellite that was the first launched into space in 1957, had already received approval. The vaccine was developed by the Gamaleya research institute in Moscow in coordination with the Russian defence ministry. (Photo by Natalia KOLESNIKOVA / AFP) - AFP

The government of Paraná also signed an agreement for the production of the vaccine, which includes technology transfer. There is still no information on whether the federal government will sign an agreement with Russia to make the vaccine available in SUS.

The information was announced during a press interview on Monday (19). In addition to Brazil, Russia plans to enter into agreements with other countries in Latin America to produce Sputnik V doses, including Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, and Mexico.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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