Brazil's Military Demands Health Action for Cities in Amazonas and Pará

In the North, at least 6 municipalities suffer from a lack of oxygen, and the Army coordinates delivery


Municipalities in the interior of Pará and the Amazonas face a lack of oxygen for patients with Covid-19, causing alarm in the Ministry of Defense. The increase in severe cases in remote regions has mobilized the military. In this scenario, allies of the defense minister, Fernando Azevedo e Silva, have begun to pressure the Ministry of Health to guarantee oxygen and vaccine in the localities.

In Manaus, patients died of lack of oxygen in health facilities, and hospitals moved patients to other states.

40 cilindros de oxigênio foram descarregados no aeroporto de Manaus
MANAUS, AM, 16-1-2021 - At least 6 municipalities suffer from a lack of oxygen. - Divulgação/Azul

As Mônica Bergamo's column showed, seven people at the Regional Hospital of Coari (AM) died on Tuesday morning (19) due to a lack of oxygen.

In addition to Coari, members of the military are closely monitoring the cases in Manacapuru, Nhamundá, Itacoatiara, and Parintins, all in Amazonas. In Pará, the military is monitoring the cities of Oriximiná and Faro.

It is feared that the novel coronavirus variant registered in Manaus will spread to other regions. Municipalities in the Amazon are difficult to access, further complicating the situation.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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