São Paulo Has Evidence of Local Transmission of The Delta Variant

A man infected with the most feared strain of the coronavirus says he has not traveled, proving there has been community contagion

São Paulo

The 45-year-old man who became the first confirmed delta variant Covid case in São Paulo, the most contagious of the coronaviruses, says he has not left Brazil.

With this, the city's Health Surveillance Coordination has declared to have evidence that the so-called community transmission of the variant is already taking place in the city. The case is being investigated.

"According to preliminary assessments, it was found that there are signs that it is a community transmission, which means it is impossible to identifying the origin of the infection," says the agency.

The patient was working from home, has not traveled abroad and claims that he has not been in contact with anyone who has recently been abroad.

He sought care on June 19 with mild symptoms. A woman, child and stepson who live with the patient are also being monitored.

Community transmission, if confirmed, points to greater spread than supposed.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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