Young Environmentalists Represent Brazil in pre-COP

Youth4Climate Summit is UN climate conference preparation event

The last preparatory meeting for the 26th UN Climate Conference, which takes place a month from now in Glasgow (Scotland), began with the unprecedented role of young environmentalists.

At the invitation of the Italian government, which hosts the pre-COP-26 in Milan, around 400 activists from 190 countries will gather for two days at the Youth4Climate summit to produce a document that contains what they consider priority measures to address the climate crisis.

Already announced, the list, at its most incisive, calls for the abolition of the fossil fuel industry by 2030.

In the group of young people aged 15 to 29, three will represent Brazil: Eduarda Zoghbi, who has a master's degree in energy policy at Columbia University (USA); Paloma Costa, from the UN Climate Change Youth Advisory Group; and Eric Marky Terena, journalist for Media India. They were selected through a questionnaire answered by about 8,000 people.

"This summit is different from other pre-COP youth meetings because it has a very broad representation. Young people from all over the world were brought in and very specific topics were chosen, priorities for the youth to debate," said Zoghbi.

The debates focused on four themes: how to expand youth representation in decision-making processes; sustainable recovery from the pandemic; engagement of non-governmental agents; and raising awareness about the climate crisis.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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