Bolsonaro Government Lied in Official Document about Amazon Deforestation

A report points to a 5% reduction in deforestation in the Amazon, but there was an increase; ministry does not comment

The Jair Bolsonaro government not only held back the disclosure of the record of deforestation in the Amazon in 15 years, detected by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), but claimed at COP26 a 5% drop in devastation in a Ministry of the Environment official document.

On the 1st, the first business day of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, in Glasgow, UK, the MMA announced a plan to eliminate deforestation in the Amazon in 2028, a two-year advance in relation to the previous target.

The MMA then presented the guidelines for climate neutrality in Brazil, whose main annex is the National Plan for the Control of Illegal Deforestation and the Recovery of Native Vegetation 2020-2023. The creation date of the document is also the 1st.

The plan defines how the Bolsonaro government intends to reduce deforestation in the Amazon, to zero in 2028. A graph shows data from INPE with an unrealistic figure for deforestation in 2021. The graph projects deforestation of 10,308 km² in 2021 and associates it with PRODES. It would be a 5% reduction compared to 2020, when satellites showed a destruction of 10,851 km².

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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