São Paulo City Hall Claims to Have Immunized 100% of Teenagers against Covid

Campaign for 12 to 17 year olds started in August

The Municipal Health Department of São Paulo said this Sunday (13) that it had already vaccinated 100% of the city's population aged 12 to 17 with two doses against Covid. According to the department, 844,119 teenagers are fully vaccinated in the capital of São Paulo. The number corresponds to that estimated by the municipal administration for this group of residents, based on a population projection from Fundação Seade ( Foundation State Data Analysis System) for 2021. The secretariat says that 970,868 doses were applied to this target audience, which totals 115 % of expected vaccination coverage. In relation to the second dose, 844,119 were applied.

According to the city hall, 0.3% of the adolescent population took the booster dose, recommended for immunosuppressed patients. This represents 2,422 vaccines applied.

According to Wallace Casaca, coordinator of the SP Covid-19 Info Tracker platform, which follows the evolution of the pandemic, it is natural for municipal and state administrations to present numbers above 100%. "Many adolescents who do not live in São Paulo must have been vaccinated in the city. Once a person goes to the city to get the vaccine, they are attended to. Proof of residence is not required."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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