Microdoses of Mushrooms against Anxiety Become Trend in Brazil

Products are used in retreats and sold by online stores despite their risks

Natal (RN)

At the height of the pandemic, so short of breath he thought it was Covid, Davi, 24, bought a handful of mushrooms online, crushed them, and ate them straight.

The psychology student learned of the existence of microdoses of Psilocybe cubensis, known as "magic mushrooms", through podcasts, documentaries, and articles, while researching an alternative treatment for his disorder: anxiety.

The encouragement to the consumption of microdoses of one of the active ingredients of the species, psilocybin, has advanced on social networks in Brazil, moving e-commerce stores, ceremonies, and retreats. Microdosing would be the consumption of a dose of 0.1 to 0.4 grams.

Director of photography André Henrique Pamplona, 56, found capsules with "magic mushrooms" in that amount in an online store. "I did not experience any adverse reaction after using it. Twenty minutes after taking psilocybin, I feel the anxiety going away, I feel good and happy."

Studies point to the potential for reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, but the substance, in addition to being banned from the market, can bring health risks, according to experts.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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