Minister Announces Covid Memorial in Brazil

The Minister of Health, Nísia Trindade, says that the way Brazil handled the pandemic must not be forgotten


The Minister of Health, Nísia Trindade, announced that her cabinet and the federal government will create a memorial so that Covid-19 and the "disastrous posture of the past government" in relation to the pandemic are not forgotten.

BRASÍLIA, DF, 14.07.2023: - The Minister of Health, Nísia Trindade (Foto: Gabriela Biló/Folhapress) - Folhapress

The announcement of what she calls the "policy of memory of this sad period" was made during a lecture at the Congress of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science, in Curitiba.

"We cannot forget that time. Not that we cannot see that we are in a different moment, in a different situation. But the way Brazil handled the pandemic, the absolutely disastrous government policy, which led to the loss of 700,000 lives, cannot be forgotten," she said.

Nísia stated that the idea is to build the Covid memorial in the location where today is the Cultural Center of the Ministry of Health, in Rio de Janeiro. "It's time to occupy this space with an important reflection."

Translated by Cassy Dias

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