Influencer Doctors Receive Training to Encourage Vaccination in Brazil

Initiative by the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics Aims to Provide Reliable Information

Ribeirão Preto

Five years ago, pediatric specialist Ricardo Fonseca traded his white coat for one adorned with superhero motifs and began using social media to disseminate useful information about child health.

With 86 thousand followers and significant engagement from parents and children, Super-Pediatrician was one of the 18 digital medical influencers invited and certified by the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics (SBP) to combat misinformation about immunization.

The influencers selected for the one-day training held last week collectively have an audience of around 20 million people and are one of the organization's strategies to rebuild crucial connections, especially with parents.

According to Super-Pediatrician, the organization's initiative stands out by endorsing professionals who disseminate quality information, valuing solid scientific evidence.

"This chain of goodwill is fundamental for child health, equipping parents and caregivers with knowledge to make a difference in society," he states.

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