Women Football Commentators and Play-by-Play Analysts Gain Space on Basic Television

Traditionally with a low presence, women are increasingly finding space in sports journalism

São Paulo

Who can talk about football? A few years ago, when listening to the radio, reading the newspaper or watching TV, the answer was clear: only men. Women had no voice. But the game is changing, and now they have the ball, too.

Women are occupying more and more space in sports coverage, and in content dedicated to football. Field reporters, commentators and storytellers have already appeared on radio and cable television channels, but more recently they have also reached basic television. Now, Globo is on the eve of the debut of its first female play-by-play analyst in 55 years.

mulher de braços cruzados de cabelos loiros lisos e longos usando camisa azul
Women Football Commentator Ana Thaís Matos - João Cotta/Globo

At the station, Renata Silveira joins commentators Ana Thaís Matos and Renata Mendonça, along with arbitration analyst Nadine Bastos. For Joana Thimóteo, director of sporting events at the broadcaster, the number of women sports experts will only grow. "It is a process that will only continue."

According to her, "the biggest challenge is to make this female presence in all transmission functions be seen naturally."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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