Rio's Santa Teresa Is A Neighborhood Frozen in Time

Neighborhood offers gourmet and boteco food options

Marcos Nogueira
Rio de Janeiro

From the top of Santa Teresa, you can see Rio.

But you can only see the good part: the noise, the pollution, and the urban pandemonium do not reach those hills. Santa Teresa and Rio are two distinct destinations. In Santa, there is no beach. Tranquility abounds.

The neighborhood seems to have been frozen in the time of the electric tram, which still runs along its narrow streets - many of them, cobblestone sidewalks.

Speaking of sidewalks, they hardly exist there. Pedestrians, cars, buses, motorcycles, and trams share the street. That's why everyone walks slowly and carefully.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Parque das Ruinas in Santa Teresa Hill, a Public Park with ruins of a mansion. Ruins of the house Laurinda Foto Anna ART/Adobe Stock - Anna ART -

Walking is the program in Santa Teresa. Forget the flip flops and bring comfortable sneakers. Practice a little step in the gym, because you will exercise your calves on those hills. And hire a guide.

The neighborhood is an open-air museum but has no signs to explain the stories.

Although perched in downtown Rio de Janeiro, Santa Teresa is a weekend getaway for Cariocas looking for peace and good food.

Santa Theresa is a stronghold for penniless hippies and wealthy leftists. So the neighborhood is replete with both gourmet and boteco food options.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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