Without The Street Carnival, Salvador and Rio Have Itineraries beyond the Postcards

Tourists have good surprises in store in these capitals for Carnival

Rio de Janeiro and Salvador

Without electric trios in the streets and samba school parades during the Carnival holidays, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro offer itineraries that go beyond postcards.

The carioca route begins at Largo de São Francisco da Prainha. Located in the Saúde neighborhood, the place has many bars and restaurants with good gastronomic options. That's where Bafo da Prainha is located, a bar that has become a sensation among cariocas.

For those who want to take good photos, the square is also a full plate. That's because it is surrounded by colonial mansions that give it a captivating and multicolored look.

15-07-2021 -Pelourinho, in Salvador. retomada. (Foto: Rafael Martins/ Folhapress) - Folhapress

The Madureira park is another area that is not on the traditional itineraries, but which has already won over the cariocas. The space is well shaded and has leisure options like volleyball, soccer and basketball courts.

Salvador also has its itinerary that goes beyond postcards such as Pelourinho, Elevador Lacerda, Farol da Barra and Igreja do Bonfim.

The Bahian capital has good surprises in store for communities that, in recent years, have been rediscovered by Salvadorans.

This is the case of Gamboa de Baixo and Vila Brandão. In addition to the natural attractions, both have reinvented themselves through graffiti art on the walls of the houses and regional cuisine.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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