Brazil's Foreign Minister Denies Funding Cuts to Environmental Inspections

After promising to double funds at the Climate Summit, president cuts R$240 million from Ministry of Environment


Carlos Alberto França, Brazil's minister of foreign affairs, denied on Wednesday (28) that Brazil cut the money allocated for environmental inspection. In his assessment, President Jair Bolsonaro did not break a promise made at the Leaders’ Summit on Climate.

The minister participated Wednesday morning in a public hearing whose purpose was to address Itamaraty's priorities this year.

Carlos Alberto Franco França ( Foto: Reprodução TV. Planeta América Latina/youtube )

"The commitment that President Bolsonaro stipulated, this has been fulfilled," said the minister, in relation to the promise made by the president during the Leaders' Summit on Climate, last week.

On Thursday (22), during the Summit, Bolsonaro said he was determined to double the resources for environmental inspection actions in Brazil.

On the same day as the Climate Summit, however, Bolsonaro sanctioned the 2021 Budget with some vetoes. The increase promised by him at the international meeting is not on the agenda for the year and, and as a sanction, the president cut almost R$240 million (US$ 44 million) from the Environment ministry.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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