Guedes Says 'the Chinese Invented The Virus' and Has Less Efficient Vaccine than The US

At a meeting on supplementary health, the minister asked that the recording not be broadcast; effectiveness data cannot be compared, say experts


At a meeting of the Supplementary Health Council on Tuesday (27), Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said, without knowing that he was being recorded, that “the Chinese invented the virus” from Covid and has a less efficient vaccine than the one developed by American companies. He said this on the same day that the Senate formalized the investigation into the federal government's action in the pandemic.

SÃO PAULO, SP: Minister Paulo Guedes (Foto: Mathilde Missioneiro/Folhapress) - Folhapress

Guedes was advocating the greater efficiency of private companies compared to the public sector in creating vaccines.

"The Chinese invented the virus and its vaccine is less effective than the American vaccine. Americans have a hundred years of investment in research. So the guys say, “Which virus? That one? OK! Here’s the Pfizer vaccine. It’s better than the others, ” Guedes said.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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