In A Moderate Speech, Bolsonaro Will Signal to Biden Increase in Operations against Deforestation

In order to provide a short-term response, federal management will ask for an increase in the budget forecast of Ibama and ICMBio


President Jair Bolsonaro plans to give a moderate speech at the Climate Leaders Summit. He plans to signal to the President of the United States, Joe Biden, that Brazil will expand, in the short term, the volume of operations against deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

The president has already written the outline of his speech, in which he will again commit to ending illegal deforestation in Brazil by 2030 and will invite foreign nations to help fight fires with the injection of resources.

SAO PAULO, SP, 15-04-2021 - Jair Bolsonaro. (Foto: Isac Nóbrega/PR) - Isac Nóbrega/PR

In his speech, according to palace officials, the president will announce an increase for this year’s budget forecast of two federal environmental inspection bodies: Ibama (Brazilian Institute of the Environment) and ICMBio (Instituto Chico Mendes) .

More money will be invested in equipment and vehicles. According to auxiliaries at the Planalto Palace, the Ministry of the Environment is expected to send an official request to the Economy Ministry in the next few days. The amount and model of the contribution have not yet been defined.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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