Olimpiada Rio 2016

Opening of Rio-2016 Is Praised by International Press; See the Reaction

"Olympics Open With Spectacle in Rio", proclaimed the headline of the "New York Times" on Saturday morning, the 6th.

The American newspaper wasn't the only one to offer its praise regarding the opening of the Olympic Games.

The majority of international news vehicles covered the ceremony as a success, although some highlighted episodes beyond the festivities, like the protests on Friday (the 5th) and the booing of interim President Michel Temer.

The British newspaper "The Guardian" highlighted the themes chosen by the organizers. "Opening Ceremony Delivers Brazilian Welcome to the World - and a Message about Climate Change", it declared on its site.

The "Washington Post" published "Rio's Olympic Opening Ceremonies had Low Budget, High Appeal". "The Wall Street Journal" printed that "Olympics in Rio Open with Pomp and Relief".

The German site "Deutsche Welle" described the opening as "with mixed sentiments".

While remembering the "protests outside of the stadium and the booing of the President" the vehicle wrote "a happy ending for a tragic hero", in reference to Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima, who lit the Olympic cauldron, and who became famous after Athens-2004 when a spectator tackled him.

Translated by LLOYD HARDER

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Front pages of The Wall Street Journal, La Nación and The New York Times
Front pages of The Wall Street Journal, La Nación and The New York Times