Olimpiada Rio 2016

Latest News

  1. 22/09/2016 Paralympic Ceremony Leaves Hole in the Field at Maracanã Stadium
  2. 20/09/2016 Court Accepts Charge Against Group Accused of Planning Attack During Olympics
  3. 19/09/2016 Brazil Finishes Out of 'Top 5' in Gold Medals and Does Not Meet Paralympic Committee's Goal
  4. 19/09/2016 With Few Setbacks, Rio Paralympics Deemed Overall Success
  5. 15/09/2016 Brazil Surpasses Record Number of Podium Finishes in the Paralympic Games
  6. 14/09/2016 Paralympic Games Have At Least 27 War-Wounded
  7. 13/09/2016 Half of Brazilian Para-Athletes Got Their Start in Sports Only After Becoming Handicapped
  8. 08/09/2016 Paralympics Opening Ceremony Marked by Protest Against President Temer and Samba Concert
  9. 05/09/2016 1 in 5 Brazilian Paralympic athletes were victims of vehicle accidents
  10. 02/09/2016 Group of Suspected Terrorists Planned to Attack the Masses at Rio 2016 Using Chemical Weapons
  11. 26/08/2016 Rio de Janeiro Has Only "Islands" of Accessibility
  12. 24/08/2016 95% of Total Tickets Sold for Rio 2016
  13. 24/08/2016 Rio's Mayor Eduardo Paes Celebrates a Zika-Free Olympics
  14. 23/08/2016 Legacy of Rio 2016 Still Very Much Up in the Air
  15. 23/08/2016 Smiles All Round For Brazil's Olympic Committee, Even if It Aimed For Higher
  16. 23/08/2016 Project Gives Favela Children Olympic Dreams
  17. 22/08/2016 Safety Measures During Olympics Deemed Success by Government
  18. 22/08/2016 Rio Olympics Creates Off-Season Carnival for Foreigners
  19. 22/08/2016 I'm Pleased to Prove That Brazil Can Run an Olympics, Said the President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee
  20. 22/08/2016 Brazilian Men's Volleyball Team Defeats Italy to Win Gold in Rio
  21. 22/08/2016 Brazil Does Not Meet the Olympic Committee's Goal of Finishing Among the Top Ten
  22. 22/08/2016 Rio Celebrates in Carnival Style the Passing of the 'Marvelous Games'
  23. 21/08/2016 Winds Up to 122 km Per Hour Lead Rio to Declare State of Alert
  24. 21/08/2016 Athlete Who Helped Rival During Fall Receives IOC Fair Play Medal
  25. 21/08/2016 Lochte Admits on American Television That He "Exaggerated That Story" Regarding the Incident in Rio
  26. 21/08/2016 Brazil Defeats Germany in Penalties and Wins Soccer Gold for the 1st Time
  27. 21/08/2016 IOC President Says He Would Host Games in Brazil Again and Calls Rio 2016 "Iconic"
  28. 21/08/2016 Public Prosecutor Says Fine of R$ 35,000 Is Too Low for Swimmer and Seeks Injunction
  29. 20/08/2016 Company Asks Passengers to Arrive at Galeão International 6 Hours Before Departure on Monday
  30. 20/08/2016 Last Swimmer to Testify, Feigen Has to Pay R$ 35,000 Fine to Return to United States