Olimpiada Rio 2016

Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games Will Honor Brazil's Traditional Festivals and Carnival

The closing ceremony of the Olympic Games to be held on Sunday, August 21, will have fewer protocols than the opening ceremony and it is likely to be more festive.

The event will be directed by Carnival artist Rosa Magalhães, one the biggest winners of the Carnival competitions held at the Sapucaí sambadrome. The main themes such as culture and sustainability will continue.

"The environment of the traditional regional festivals will be more present. Carnival will appear less – we will honor the Carnival street bands," says Leonardo Caetano, the director of the Rio 2016 ceremonies.

Samba singer and composer Martinho da Vila will be one of the main attractions. He will sing "Carinhoso", a Brazilian classic written by Pixinguinha and Braguinha, as well as Dalva de Oliveira's "As Pastorinhas."

The budget was the same as that of Carnival. "I spent R$ 4 million (US$ 1.25 million). That is the same amount I spend with a samba school," says Magalhães.

Translated by THOMAS MUELLO

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