Olimpiada Rio 2016

Company Asks Passengers to Arrive at Galećo International 6 Hours Before Departure on Monday

The RioGalećo operator is recommending that passengers on international flights arrive at Galećo/Antonio Carlos Jobim international airport 6 hours before embarking on Monday, the 22nd, the busiest day for traffic leaving Rio after the Olympics.

For passengers on domestic flights, the recommendation is to arrive at least two hours early in order to avoid difficulties at the time of embarking.

The airport operator is expecting up to 85 thousand passengers on Monday, more than twice the normal average of 40 thousand per day. It will be the largest flow of traffic in the history of the airport

"The Olympics is a one-of-a-kind event and no airport in the world is prepared for this level of traffic", explained Carlos Rodriguez, Operations Manager for RioGalećo.

The operator announced on Friday (the 19th) a special organizational setup for embarking, which includes a series of events at the airport to encourage passengers to get there earlier.

City Hall declared Monday to be a municipal holiday in order to facilitate the exit of tourists and athletes from the city.

According to Rodriguez, the airline companies have agreed to open check-in counters earlier to reduce the likelihood of especially long lines.

In addition, they are scheduling airline cabin crew arrivals earlier in order to start the embarking process earlier as well.

Within restricted areas there will be samba school and bossa nova performances, food trucks and other options to entertain passengers while they wait.

Major traffic of planes themselves will be concentrated at the end of the day, starting at 4 p.m. and peaking at 7 p.m. 86 departing flights are scheduled, including 46 charter-flights scheduled specifically to transport tourists and athletes after the games.

Rodriguez said that the normal airport structure would be reinforced with 10 additional X-ray scanners as well as 2 body scanners.

The Federal Police passport control area will also be equipped with 12 additional counters.

The Olympic organization will also be installing a remote check-in facility in the Olympic Village with 65 counters to facilitate embarking directly by the athletes.

From there, baggage will go directly to the patio of the airport. Athletes will be able to go directly to the X-ray station in the embarking area.

RioGalećo is expecting that 7,5 thousand athletes will leave the city on Monday, with 28 thousand pieces of luggage.

Translated by LLOYD HARDER

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