Olimpiada Rio 2016

Brazil Defeats Germany in Penalties and Wins Soccer Gold for the 1st Time

The Brazilian soccer team, finally, managed to win an Olympic Gold. On its 13th attempt, the national team beat Germany in penalties 5 goals to 4, at a packed Maracanã, and arrived for the first time at the pinnacle of the Olympic podium this Saturday night (the 20th).

During normal playing time, the game ended up tied 1 to 1. Neymar opened the scoreboard in the first period, while Max Meyer tied the score after returning from halftime. In overtime, the game continued to be tied.

In the penalties, German player Petersen squandered the fifth shot which ignited the festivities in the Rio de Janeiro stadium. Right afterwards, Neymar sealed the unprecedented victory.

For the spectators who were packing Marcanã, the victory was a sense of revenge for the 7 to 1 thrashing dealt by Germany to Brazil in the full Minerão stadium in the 2014 World Cup.

The team's victory was the high point in Brazil's campaign in the Rio Games, which now totals 17 medals. Jamaican Usain Bolt participated in the festivities. One of the icons of this Olympics, he celebrated the victory alongside members of Neymar's family.

The attacker was key to the result. He made the goal during the normal play time as well as the last penalty kick. Fans shouted "the champion is back".

After a bumpy start, when it tied in the first two games, the team went on to finish with an undeniable performance. It won in the knockouts and conceded only one goal in the normal game time.

The celebration was being set up by the fans before the game even started. It only took the Germans entering on to the filed for fans to start shouting "Hey Germany, get ready, your time is coming".

In the thrilling penalty shootout, goal keeper Weverton defended the fifth shot from the Germans, while Neymar made Brazil's goal guaranteeing the unprecedented Olympic Gold.

Translated by LLOYD HARDER

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