New Minister of Justice Wants To Target Money Laundering

Sergio Moro, who previously lead Operation Carwash, says he wants to kill Brazilian's organized crime funding


The Brazilian Ministry of Justice under former judge Sergio Moro will primarily target money laundering, to cut the funding of criminal organizations.

The Bolsonaro transition team defined that Moro's priority will be assets owned by criminals, a strategy used by Operation Carwash, the corruption probe led by Moro, and it will be used against drug dealers.

Moro also announced his nominations for crucial roles in the Ministry. Among them, the current Federal Police superintendent in Paraná, Maurício Valeixo, who will replace Rogério Galloro as the Federal Police's national director. Moro also nominated officer Érika Marena to lead the Department of Asset Recovery and International Legal Cooperation.

Maurício Valeixo, who currently leads Federal Police operations in Paraná, will be the institution's national head - Reprodução

The Department has had run into difficulties to achieve significant results because of the current law. Moro will propose legal changes to give more the agency more autonomy, to more effectively fight money laundering.

The former judge praised Valeixo ("highly skilled individual") and Marena ("there's no one better than her"). Both have previously worked with Sergio Moro in the corruption probe.

"I would be a fool not to use people that have worked with me before, especially at Operation Carwash, because they have already shown integrity and efficiency."

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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