Vice-President's Son Is Promoted With A 200% Raise

Rossell Mourão, son of VP Hamilton Mourão, has worked at federal bank Banco do Brasil for 18 years and this week was appointed to an executive position that tripled his previous salary


The Bolsonaro administration was challenged on Tuesday (8th) to explain why Antônio Hamilton Rossell Mourão, son of vice president Hamilton Mourão, has been promoted to a special advisory to Banco to special advisor to the president of the state bank Banco do Brasil Rubem Novaes. The appointment goes against one of Bolsonaro's main campaign promises, which was the end of political alliances influencing cabinet positions and nepotism in government.

With the new executive-level job came a salary raise that will triple his current wages to R$ 36,300 (US$ 9,800) monthly.

A civil servant working at Banco do Brasil for almost 20 years, Rossell Mourão was previously an advisor in the agribusiness division, where he had been for 11 years. His wife also works at the bank.

The vice president's son promotion had other employees scratching their heads. Such a sudden change and sharp raise are unusual, they said.
Rossell Mourão will perform the same functions as before, but also directly advising Novaes.

The bank's regiment allows its president to appoint three special advisors. Traditionally, the president chooses specialists in law, communications and agribusiness.

Although the president has the power to reverse the appointment, sources say Bolsonaro's cabinet members felt uncomfortable and unsettled with Rossell Mourão's promotion. Some of them suggested noted that the vice president should ask his son to renounce the appointment to "give an example."

According to the same allies, the dissatisfaction is caused by lack of consistency between the appointment and Bolsonaro's promise, before the election, of ending all privileges in nominations for government positions.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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