Right-Wing Representatives Disrupt Ceremony Honoring Marielle Franco With Barking Sounds

While part of the House was honoring the one-year anniversary of the Rio councilwoman's assassination, other Congress members made a demonstration for animal rights

Brasília , São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

House representatives from the right disrupted a ceremony in the Brazilian Congress to honor the executions of Rio councilwoman Marielle Franco and her driver Anderson Gomes on Thursday (14th) when the assassination turns one year old. The police are still investigating who is responsible for the murder.

As representatives from Franco's party PSOL and other left-leaning political parties began the ceremony, other Congress members entered the same hall to stage a protest supporting animal rights.  Some, like Daniel Silveira (PSL) were using speakers with barking sounds.

House Representatives disrupt ceremony for Marielle Franco with barking sounds - Reprodução

Silveira is known for his scorning gestures right after Franco's death.

"I didn't know about the ceremony honoring Marielle," he said and denying he had any intention of disruption. "Actually, it bothered me because I know they [the PSOL representatives] were going to use the barking to say we were mocking them."

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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Thais Bilenky , Júlia Zaremba , Júlia Barbon and Gabriel Sabóia