Lava Jato Attorney General Planned to Financially Benefit from Position

Deltan Dallagnol talked about creating a company to profit from speeches

Deltan Dallagnol, the head of Lava Jato's task force, planned to profit from speeches stemming from the prestige of Lava Jato according to messages obtained by The Intercept and analyzed with Folha.

At the end of last year, he and a Lava Jato colleague, Roberson Pozzobon, discussed creating a company in which the wives of both would appear as the principal owners to prevent them from being the subject of questioning.

Lava Jato Attorney General, Deltan Dallagnol. Jorge Araujo Folhapress - Folhapress

In the messages, Deltan shows interest in becoming a paid speaker. In one of them, he talks to his wife about how much he expects to earn in 2018, "Total net of lectures and books would give about 400k."

Questioned by Folha, Deltan said he would give lectures to promote citizenship and fight against corruption. He and Pozzobon reported that they did not open a company or institute in the names of their wives.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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