Moro's Approval Rate Surpasses Bolsonaro's by 25 points

Despite being the most popular minister, the former judge has become a target for the President and even suffered defeat in Congress

Flávia Faria
São Paulo

Sergio Moro remains the highest-rated minister of the Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) government. His approval rating surpasses that of the President himself.

According to Datafolha's latest survey, 94% of respondents know Moro, making him the highest-rated minister on the Esplanade.

Among those who claim to know him, 54% rate his management at the head of the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety as excellent or good. Another 24 percent consider it to be fair, and 20 percent consider it poor or terrible — 2 percent didn't respond.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Safety Sergio Moro (Foto: Fátima Meira/Futura Press/Folhapress)

By comparison, 29% of Datafolha respondents approve of the Bolsonaro government, 30% consider it fair, and 38% rated him poor or poor (2% did not respond).

Moro maintains this level of approval amidst the President's constant polemics, congressional defeats and the release of his messages that exposed his closeness to the Car Wash Operation prosecutors, casting doubt on his impartiality as a federal judge.

Moro's approval has remained intact since the last Datafolha in July, with variations within the margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points. In that month, 55% considered good or optimal management, 21% rated it as fair, and 21% rated it as poor or very poor (3% did not respond).

Since July, however, Moro has gone through several crises. In the most recent of these, Bolsonaro undermined his authority by interfering with his choice of Federal Police leaders.

"It is in the law that I can choose people, not Sergio Moro. And that's the final point," said Bolsonaro on August 22. Mauricio Valeixo, chosen by Moro, who worked at the Car Wash Project in Curitiba, occupies the position.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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