Porto Alegre Judge Rules against Censorship of Cartoon Exhibit that Criticized Jair Bolsonaro

Exhibition will run for 12 days as planned

Porto Alegre

A court ruled that the critical cartoons of President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) and his government--censored by the Porto Alegre City Council at the beginning of the month-- can be displayed again to the public.

The injunction mandates that the cartoons be "returned promptly" to the same space and for the same twelve days previously provided.

When it first opened, "Laughter is Risk: Independence at Risk - Humor Drawings" lasted less than 24 hours. The exhibit was only seen at the venue between 7 pm Monday (2) and early Tuesday afternoon (3) when it was shut down the mayor, Councilor Monica Leal (PP). It was supposed to be exhibited until September 13 but it was censored. 

Cartoon by Bruno Ortiz Crédito: Bruno Ortiz, Grafistas Associados do Rio Grande do Sul (Grafar)

The City Council will comply with the injunction without appeal.

"In the specific case of cartoons, although always having a humorous nature, political or ideological issues are of their essence and can never be regulated by a legal or ethical standard, because, of course, their interpretation will always be made partially, politically or ideologically. therefore subjective, " the judge wrote. 

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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