Moro Says Riot in CE only Ended with Intervention of Federal Government

On social media, minister countered Ciro Gomes and said that the crisis was only resolved 'by the action of the federal government'


The Minister of Justice, Sergio Moro, decided to politicize the end of the military police riot in Ceará, which started on Tuesday (18) and ended on Sunday night (1st).

On social media, the government minister said that "common sense prevailed," "without radicalism," even after 241 people were murdered in the state during nine days of the riot.

"The federal government was present, from the beginning, and did everything possible within the legal limits and respect for the state's autonomy. Common sense prevailed, without radicalism," said the former federal judge.

FORTALEZA, CE, 24.02.2020 -The Minister of Justice, Sergio Moro, with the Minister of Defense, Fernando Azevedo e Silva in Fortaleza (CE) (Foto: Jarbas Oliveira/Folhapress) - Folhapress

Moro also stressed that the local crisis in public security "was only resolved by the action of the federal government" and said that it was resolved "despite Gomes," sharing a comment by ex-presidential candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT-CE).

"Exploring the episode politically, offending police officers, or physically attacking them only got in the way. Despite Gomes, the crisis was resolved," said the minister.

During the riot, the former governor of Ceará Cid Gomes (PDT), Ciro's brother, was hit by two shots when he tried to enter with a backhoe into a battalion taken by riot police in Sobral (CE).

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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