76% Support Isolation to Fight the Spread of the Virus, Says Datafolha

18% already think it is important to end the isolation

Contrary to the wishes of President Jair Bolsonaro, most Brazilians want to maintain social isolation as a way to combat the transmission of the novel coronavirus.

According to Datafolha research, 76% of respondents are in favor of people staying at home, even if this implies economic impact and unemployment.

São Paulo (Foto: Ronny Santos/Folhapress, CIDADES)

18% already think it is important to end the isolation. For them, it is more important to stimulate the economy, the tone of the president. For 87%, schools must remain closed. Two-thirds of people think that trade should not reopen now.

Interviewees believe that the current measures will last about a month. Most support the eventual tightening of restrictions, known as a "shelter in place", when people are prohibited from going to the streets.

About 71% agree with the "shelter in place" modality, which is not yet in force, but which can be adopted by governors in case the pandemic gets too serious.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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