Bolsonaro Accuses Moro of Leaking Reports

President says testimony of ex-minister is 'lie after lie'; 'Rio is my state', says about PF focus


President Jair Bolsonaro, on Tuesday (5), accused former Justice Minister Sergio Moro of leaking classified reports to press outlets and stressed that the initiative could fall under the National Security Law.

"He [Moro] had pieces of partial reports of things I passed on to him," he said. "And delivered it to Globo. This is a federal crime, perhaps under the National Security Law," said the president.

At the entrance to the Palácio da Alvorada, Bolsonaro also said that he did not try to interfere with the Federal Police Superintendence in Rio de Janeiro and that he never asked for access to confidential reports.

President says testimony of ex-minister is 'lie after lie'; Foto: Reprodução/TV Globo - Reprodução/TV Globo

"At no time did I ask for investigation reports. This is an outright lie on his part. He said that I asked at a minister meeting. At a ministerial meeting, were we going to ask for something illegal? I do not ask for illegal or individualizing, who will say collectively", he said.

The president also said that this Tuesday, he will read a statement given by Moro to the Federal Police and that he will meet with his lawyer to take action. According to him, the narrative "has no place". "There was no crime," he said. "It is a lie after a lie," he criticized.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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