Descrição de chapéu What the dictatorship in Brazil was

Dead, Missing and Tortured

Gregório Bezerra (tortured, 1964)

A former Army sergeant and communist militant, he is considered the regime's first victim of torture. On April 2, 1964, he was tied to the back of a jeep and pulled through the Recife's streets. Then he was beaten with an iron rod by an officer.

Alfeu de Alcântara Monteiro (dead, 1964)

Lieutenant Colonel of the Air Force, he is considered the first soldier killed by the dictatorship. On April 4, 1964, he was executed with 16 shots inside the 5th Air Zone office, in Canoas (RS), for refusing to support the military coup.

Carlos Marighella (dead, 1969)

He founded the National Liberation Action, which carried out kidnappings, attacks, and bank robberies. On November 4, 1969, he was killed in an ambush coordinated by delegate Sérgio Paranhos Fleury

Chael Charles Schreier (tortured and killed, 1969)

A member of VAR-Palmares, he was arrested in November 1969, aged 23, after a confrontation with the Dops. Transferred to a barracks, he was tortured and killed. Military personnel took the body to the hospital, but doctors refused to confirm the version that arrived alive. He is considered the first one killed by torture in the barracks

Rubens Paiva (missing, 1971)

Deputy impeached in 1964. On January 20, 1971, he was taken to DOI-Codi, where he suffered torture until he died. The repression denied it and said strangers kidnapped him. In 2014, retired colonel Paulo Malhães confirmed that Paiva was killed and thrown into a river

Epaminondas Gomes de Oliveira (tortured and killed, 1971)

A peasant leader, he was killed at the age of 68 after being arrested in Operation Mesopotamia, which sought out guerrilla outbreaks in Maranhão and other states. The Army confirmed his death from anemia and buried his body in Brasilia, prohibiting him from being exhumed

Epaminondas Gomes de Oliveira (Pastos Bons (MA) . Credito: Reproducao - Reproducao

Carlos Lamarca (dead, 1971)

Captain of the Army, he deserted in 1969 with a group that took 63 rifles and machine guns. He became one of the main characters in the armed struggle, participating in kidnappings and bank robberies. He was shot in a military operation while establishing a guerrilla base in the interior of Bahia, on September 17, 1971

Vladimir Herzog (tortured and killed, 1975)

Journalism director of TV Cultura, he was a member of the PCB. Wanted by the military, he went to DOI-Codi on October 24, 1975. He was interrogated and tortured to death, but the military said he committed suicide. In 1996, the Special Commission on the Political Dead and Missing recognized that he was murdered

Zuzu Angel (dead, 1976)

A stylist, he denounced the violent repression of the military regime after the torture and death of her son Stuart in 1971. She died in a collision at the end of a tunnel in Rio de Janeiro. In 1998, the Special Commission on Dead and Missing Politicians pointed out that she was allegedly thrown off the road by a car with law enforcement agents.

Manuel Fiel Filho (dead, 1976)

Metalworker, was arrested in January 1976 by DOI-Codi, accused of belonging to the PCB. Law enforcement agencies reported that he had hanged himself with his socks, but his colleagues said he wore slippers without socks when he was arrested, and his body showed signs of torture. The repercussion pressured the regime to continue with the distension

Source: National Truth Commission (2014) and the Memories of the Dictatorship project