Federal Police Arrests Extreme-Right Activist Sara Winter in Investigation into Anti-Democratic Rallies

Supreme Court Justice authorized the arrest of leader of armed group


The arrest of activist Sara Winter, of the extreme right-wing armed group "300 do Brasil", was part of a Federal Police operation on Monday (15) involving five more arrest warrants.

Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes authorized the arrests within the scope of an investigation into anti-democratic protests.

Sara Winter on Instagram

Sara Winter was arrested this Monday morning by the PF and taken to the superintendence of the corporation in Brasilia. The other names targeted for arrest have yet to be released. The federal police ordered temporary five-day arrests.

Alexandre de Moraes' decision meets a request from the Federal Public Ministry made on Friday (12), based on evidence that the group led by Sara is organizing and raising financial resources for actions that fall under the National Security Law ( Law 7.170 / 1983).

"The purpose of temporary arrests is to listen to those investigated and gather information on how the criminal scheme works," said the Attorney General's Office.

Winter's defense told Folha that he was still looking for more details about the court order.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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