Military Members in the President's Administration Ask Mourão to Tone Down Rhetoric

Bolsonaro talks about non-partisan forces after Mourão and army chief defend them outside politics


A day after the height of the crisis, however, after Bolsonaro's auxiliaries took action, Mourão refused to tone it down and maintained his routine of declarations, many on topics that had already displeased the president.

The deputy again spoke of American elections, indicating the victory of Democrat Joe Biden. He also argued that active military personnel should stay out of politics, echoing a previous statement by Army commander, General Edson Pujol.

Hours later, Bolsonaro, not mentioning Mourão, said he agreed with Pujol.

The culmination of the current raid was the National Council's proposal for the Legal Amazon, chaired by the deputy, which provides for expropriation of properties in environmental crimes.

The president declared that he could fire anyone who presented such a proposal unless he was someone "unfireable."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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