Manaus Collapse and Vaccination Fumbles Strengthen Legal Basis for Bolsonaro's Impeachment

Pandemic adds up to 22 other situations in which the Presidents acts are liable to be classified under crimes of responsibility

Brasília and São Paulo

The recent failures of the federal government in the management of the coronavirus pandemic have strengthened the legal foundation for the impeachment of president Jair Bolsonaro. In the last two weeks, dozens of patients died in Manaus when oxygen supplies ran out, and the government accrued multiple failures in acquiring and distributing Covid-19 vaccines.

(Brasília - DF, 19/01/2021) Presidente da República, Jair Bolsonaro durante Solenidade de Posse do senhor Daniel de Macedo Alves Pereira, no cargo de Defensor Público-Geral Federal da Defensoria Pública da União.Foto: Marcos Corrêa/PR
(Brasília - DF, 19/01/2021) Jair Bolsonaro. Foto: Marcos Corrêa/PR - Marcos Corrêa/Divulgação Presidência

According to the Constitution and the Law on Crimes of Responsibility (1,079/50), Bolsonaro and his government can be held accountable for their failures in managing a virus that has already caused more than 210 thousand deaths of people in the country.

Additionally, Folha has compiled at least 23 situations in which Bolsonaro—in his two years in government so far— has promoted attitudes that can be classified as crimes of responsibility. Those range from the publication of a pornographic video on his social networks during Carnival 2019 to the repeated support of anti-democratic demonstrations.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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