Police Say Jacarezinho Victims Had Criminal Records or Were Involved Drug Trafficking

More than half of the dead had been arrested before, two of whom were fugitives, according to a Civil Police report

Rio de Janeiro

The Civil Police intelligence report on the Jacarezinho operation, in the northern zone of Rio de Janeiro, states that all those killed by the agents had criminal records or involvement in the crime confirmed by relatives.

According to the document's data, the 27 civilian victims were between 16 and 48 years old. Almost all of them (25) were registered with the police. The most common crimes are drug trafficking and theft.

Relatives of victims hold candles as people protest against police violence outside Jacarezinho slum, after a police operation which resulted in 25 deaths, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 7, 2021. REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes - REUTERS

Two people did not have criminal records but there are testimonies from relatives confirming their involvement in the Jacarezinho gang. The same is true of four other people killed by the police who had criminal records.

Among the 27 killed by the police, 16 had passed through the prison system, and 2 were considered to be fugitives.

Operation Exceptios was the most lethal in the history of Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the 27 civilians, civil police officer André Frias was also killed in the confrontation.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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