Renan Bolsonaro Started Company with Help from Lobbyist who Was Targeted in Senate Covid Investigation

Documents from the Internal Revenue Service point to a link between the employee and the signature of the president's son '04'


Bolsonaro Jr Eventos e Mídia, owned by Jair Renan Bolsonaro, the '04' son of the President of the Republic, was opened with the help of lobbyist Marconny Albernaz de Faria. The Senate investigation into the government’s management of the pandemic appointed Albernaz as the intermediary for the Precisa Medicamentos company.

The information comes from conversations on WhatsApp obtained by Folha between the lawyer and Bolsonaro's youngest son, after the lobbyist's judicial breach of confidentiality, at the request of the Federal Public Ministry of Pará, and from an analysis of Federal Revenue documents.

Precisa is at the center of the commission's investigations on suspicion of irregularities in the negotiations of the Indian vaccine Covaxin with the Ministry of Health.

Renan's defense denies relationship with the lobbyist. Marconny Faria did not respond.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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