Rain that Hit Rio de Janeiro State Leaves at Least 18 Dead

Two new victims were found in Angra dos Reis

Rio de Janeiro

There are at least 18 people dead as a result of the heavy rains that hit the state of Rio de Janeiro as of Thursday (31).

Two bodies were found at dawn on Monday (4) in Angra do Reis (156 km from Rio), in the Monsuaba neighborhood, one of the regions most affected by the storm.

In the city, at least six houses were hit by landslides, leaving at least ten dead, five children and five adults.

It rained in 48 hours the equivalent of 655 millimeters on the mainland and 592 millimeters on Ilha Grande. According to the prefecture, these are rates that have never been recorded before.

Ilha Grande, which belongs to Angra, was also punished by the rains. The most affected communities were Araçatiba, Vermelha, Provetá, Abraão and Aventureiro.

All recorded landslides and stone blocks. Itaguaçu beach, next to Vermelha beach, was practically buried.

Due to the damage, the federal government recognized Angra's emergency situation, which will accelerate the release of aid to the municipality.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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