Bolsonaro Says He Will Carry Out a Private Audit of The Polls and Uses Threatening Tone to Address the TSE

With coup insinuations, the president says analysis may show that it is 'impossible to audit' the election but denies wanting a coup

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said this Thursday (5th) that a company hired by his political party would carry out a private audit of this year's elections.

Bolsonaro suggested, in a threatening tone, that the results of the analysis could complicate the Superior Electoral Court if the company finds that it is "impossible to audit the process."

"[The company] may, in 30, 40 days, come to a conclusion that, given the documentation in hand, given what has been accomplished to have elections free of any suspicion of external interference, it can say that it is impossible to audit and not accept to do the work," Bolsonaro said during his weekly broadcast on social media. "Look how far we can get," he said.

In the sequence, Bolsonaro said that "we are seeing the TSE," in addition to the court ministers, "being in a very complicated situation." He cited the president of the court, Edson Fachin, in addition to Alexandre de Moraes, Luís Roberto Barroso and Ricardo Lewandowski.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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