Bolsonaro Says he 'Felt a Spark' with '14 and 15-Year-Old Girls' and Video Becomes Ammunition for Opponents

President recalled the fact during a podcast and Flávio Bolsonaro accuses the left-wing opposition of taking 'misplaced speech by the president and using it to 'input fake news'


A statement by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) in which he uses the expression "I felt a spark" when talking about Venezuelan teenagers went viral on social media and became ammunition for the president's opponents.

During an interview with a podcast on Friday (14), the president was exploring a recurring theme of his campaign — the alleged risk of Brazil "becoming a Venezuela" if former president Lula (PT) returns to power — when he reported a meeting he had with girls from the neighboring country in São Sebastião, on the outskirts of the Federal District.

Bolsonaro says he 'felt a spark' with '14 and 15-year-old girls' and video becomes ammunition for opponents - Reproduçao

"I stopped the motorcycle on a corner, took off my helmet, and looked at some little girls, three, four, beautiful; 14, 15 years old, all dressed up on a Saturday in a community. And I saw that they were kind of similar. I felt a spark between us, and I came back, 'can I come into your house?' I entered. There were about 15, 20 girls, [on a] Saturday morning, getting ready — all Venezuelans. And I ask: pretty girls, 14, 15 years old getting ready on a Saturday for what? To make a living. You want this for your daughter, those who are listening to us right now. And how did it get to this point? Wrong choices," he said.

Bolsonaro's speech has been spread on social media by critics, who accused him of pedophilia.

Lula explored the opponent's speech. "Those of you who are mothers, those of you who are fathers: listen to what Bolsonaro said about 14-year-old girls", says the 30-second piece produced by the PT campaign. "He felt a spark? With a 14-year-old girl? Is this the man who claims to defend the family?", he adds.

The Chief Justice of the TSE (Supreme Electoral Court), Alexandre de Moraes, ordered this Sunday (16) the removal of these videos, by the former president's campaign.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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