60% of Brazilians Consider Themselves Attractive

Black men have the highest index, and black women, the lowest

São Paulo

A Datafolha survey on the effects of racism on romantic relationships and friendships reveals that six out of ten Brazilians claim to consider themselves attractive. This is according to the survey on the effects of racism on romantic relationships and friendships conducted by Datafolha. Another 33% of respondents stated that they do not consider themselves attractive, and 5% said they do not know.

The Datafolha survey is unprecedented and is part of the "Affection in Black and White" series. A total of 2,005 people aged 16 and over were interviewed in person in 111 municipalities from all regions of the country. The survey was conducted from October 9 to 17, 2023, with a general margin of error of two percentage points more or less. The survey has already presented data on interracial relationships and the influence of skin color on relationships. When only skin color is analyzed, the differences are minimal: 64% of self-declared black respondents said they are attractive. Among whites, the figure is also 64%, and among browns, it is 62%.

The most significant differences emerge when gender is taken into account. Black men stand out, with the highest percentage: 72% of them say they feel attractive, while 25% do not. White men (65%) and brown men (64%) follow in self-approval of their own image. White women report 63% with affirmative answers about feeling attractive. Among self-declared browns, the index drops to 60%, and among black women, it is 58%.

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