"Those who Today Criticize the Arrests from January 8th Used to Have Fascist Slogans against Prisoners," Says Justice Moraes

In an interview with Folha, a Supreme Federal Court justice defends his actions against abuse of power allegations


Complaints and allegations of abuses of power from detainees and defendants of the January 8th attacks in Brasília, as well as from their relatives, lawyers, and even parliamentarians, are part of the democratic process, but some of it seems inconsistent with what their critics have always advocated.

BRASÍLIA, DF, BRASIL 11-12-2023: Alexandre de Moraes, a justice of the Supreme Federal Court (Foto: Pedro Ladeira/folhapress, PODER) - PEDRO LADEIRA

This is the assertion of Alexandre de Moraes, a justice of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) and the current president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

In an interview with Folha, Moraes defends his role as the rapporteur of the criminal actions on January 8th and states that his work has been endorsed by the plenary of the Supreme Court.

"This is the greatest reason for satisfaction, showing that my conduct has been within constitutional parameters."

Regarding the criticism, he counters, "It's not because someone is middle class that they won't be prosecuted, convicted, or imprisoned. Those who criticize the prison system today never cared about the 700,000 Brazilian prisoners," he said.

"While there were no people connected to these individuals, they had, I would say, fascist slogans regarding those who committed crimes. They never defended what they now have in the Supreme Court, due process, the right to a lawyer, a trial by 11 ministers," Moraes added.

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