Chinese Manufacturer Wants to Buy Ford's São Bernardo Factory

Company wants to produce electric trucks in the factory

Chinese automaker BYD, which specializes in the production of electric vehicles, has emerged as a potential buyer of Ford's plant in Sao Bernardo do Campo (Greater Sao Paulo). The company is interested in the plant, which ended production on October 30.

The Chinese manufacturer already has a production line in Campinas (interior of São Paulo). Operations began in 2017 with the assembly of chassis for electric buses and solar panels.

The objective is to invest in manufacturing electric-powered trucks to serve the Brazilian market and neighboring countries. Negotiators say the talks are still in the early stages.

Today, BYD's production in Campinas involves low volumes. The company is considering expanding assembly in Brazil, a plan that will only be viable with a new plant. The acquisition of the Ford unit would be a future bet, encouraged by the movement of competitors.

Last week, Volkswagen announced an investment of $ 110.8 million to manufacture electric trucks in Brazil.

Ford says it will not comment on ongoing negotiations or reveal the names of potential buyers of the São Bernardo do Campo plant.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon