Lacking A Positive Outlook for The Future, Half of Young People Want to Leave Brazil

At the height of the demographic bonus, the number that neither studies nor works is a record

São Paulo

Approximately 50 million Brazilians between 15 and 29 years old reveal a disappointed youth, with no prospect of work and dissatisfied with the situation of the country. If they could, almost half of them (47%) would leave Brazil, the largest number ever.

A number of surveys show that the proportion of those who don't work or study (27.1%) and that 70% have difficulty finding work. The data are contained in the recently launched Atlas of Youth and new studies by FGV Social.

This occurs at the height of the demographic bonus, when Brazil would have the chance to accelerate growth with an unprecedented proportion of people of working age. If not changed, the working scenario for that group is a waste of historical potential.

According to economist José Marcio Camargo, from PUC-Rio, Brazil should adopt specialization programs, since the pandemic gave an advantage to the more educated, increasing inequality. "We're going to live with this for a long time."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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