Union Will File Complaint against Lollapalooza Organization for Slave-Like Working Conditions

Workers from adult shelters in São Paulo received R$50 for 12-hour days

São Paulo

The Sated-SP (Union of Artists and Technicians in Shows and Entertainment of the State of São Paulo) will ask the Labor Public Prosecutor's Office to investigate the recruitment of people in vulnerable situations to assemble Lollapalooza festival stages, which ended on Sunday (7) in São Paulo.

T4F (Time For Fun), the company that organized Lollapalooza, said it will not protest.

Folha's report showed that workers recruited from shelters for adults received R$50 (US$ 13) for 12-hour days in which they helped load equipment in the assembly of the festival.

The working day by CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws) is 8 hours, plus 2 overtime, a period in which the remuneration is 50% higher than the normal hour. In the state of São Paulo, the daily minimum wage by law is R$38.80 (US$ 10). For 12 hours, it would be about R$68 (US$ 17).

The Budweiser stage at the Lollapalooza Festival, in São Paulo - LOLLAPALOOZA 2019

In a statement, Sated repudiated the practice and apologized for not having acted beforehand, as this is not the first time the Lollapalooza organization has received complaints.

In 2018, Pastoral do Povo de Rua filed a petition with the Labor Public Prosecutor's Office (MPT) for two festival loading companies to be investigated.

The complaint said that when street workers were used to assemble festival structures, there was a lack of registration and a lack of bathrooms. But it was shelved because the prosecutor thought the complaint should be referred to a monitoring body, the extinct ministry of labor.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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