With an African Mythology Storyline, Viradouro Wins the 2024 Rio de Janeiro Carnival

School from Niterói hailed the serpent vodum and brought light and innovation to the Sapucaí parade

Rio de Janeiro

The Unidos do Viradouro school won its third title as champion of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. The school from Niterói, a metropolitan region, was the last to parade in the Special Group and made a technically perfect parade by bringing to Sapucaí the storyline "Arroboboi, Dangbé," about the vodum cult to serpents. Under the care of the carnival designer Tarcísio Zanon, Viradouro delved into the cosmos of vodum, a religious tradition from the West African coast rooted among the jeje and uidá people.

Viradouro encerra noite de desfile com enredo sobre mito de cobra sagrada
Viradouro - Folhapress

The storyline hailed the vodum, a word that means spirit in the bês language. Before the start of the scoring, the announcer of the scores, Jorge Perlingeiro, announced that four schools had filed for punishment against Viradouro for allegedly using more than 15 people in its front commission.

The Liesa (Independent League of Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro) stated that the appeals were accepted but will only be analyzed on Thursday (15). However, even with a possible punishment, the result is not expected to change. The school didn't care and celebrated the victory greatly.

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