Brazil's Supreme Court Overthrows Censorship of Porta dos Fundos Christmas Special

Netflix, which released the production, filed with STF against the earlier decision


The President of the Supreme Court, Minister Dias Toffoli, suspended on Thursday (9) the Rio de Janeiro Court censorship ruling against the Christmas Special of Porta dos Fundos.

Netflix, which airs the humorous special, filed the STF earlier against Judge Benedicto Abicair's decision on Wednesday (8), alleging that it violated previous court judgments by imposing “unconstitutional restrictions on freedom of expression, creation and artistic development.”

The rapporteur of the complaint is Minister Gilmar Mendes, but, as the STF is in recess, Netflix's injunction (provisional decision) was considered by Toffoli.

Video grab released by Netflix Brazil showing a scene from the Netflix production "Porta dos Fundos' Christmas Special: Christ's First Temptation", in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on December 26, 2019. - The headquarters of Brazilian comedy production company Porta dos Fundos in Rio de Janeiro was attacked with molotov bombs on December 24th. Police said on Thursday they are investigating a video by a far-right group that claims to have carried out an attack on a group of actors who had depicted Jesus as gay in retaliation for "an attack against the Brazilian people's faith." (Photo by HO / Netflix Brazil / AFP) / - AFP

"We do not neglect the relevance of respect for the Christian faith (as well as all other religious beliefs or their absence). It is not to be assumed, however, that a humorous satire has the power to undermine values of the Christian faith, whose existence goes back over 2,000 years, and it is inscribed in the belief of most Brazilian citizens, "said Toffoli.

According to the minister, the STF plenary has already addressed freedom of expression, stressing "the fullness of the exercise of freedom of expression as an immanent consequence of the dignity of the human person and as a means of reaffirming/enhancing other constitutional freedoms."

The Porta dos Fundos special portrays a gay Jesus (Gregorio Duvivier, Folha columnist) who relates to Orlando (Fabio Porchat). There are several lawsuits against Netflix filed by religious leaders who claim to be offended.