Anitta Discovers what Politics Is All About

The biggest pop singer in the country is learning about politics and wants to raise the awareness of the millions of young people who follow her

São Paulo

Anitta's noise is deafening. Since she became one of the biggest celebrities in the country, everything she does becomes news, even her silence. After being criticized for avoiding important political discussions, she saw a chance during the pandemic to expand her horizons.

"Just because I am so desperate and hopeless about the political situation, I decided to talk about politics," she said. "It is to understand how we can change things."

In addition to music, news coming from Anitta usually concerns her potential boyfriends, whether she wore shorts that were too short or if she is fighting with some celebrity. In the last few days, however, she made headlines when she denied wanting to run for President and she defended artists from a provisional measure that could be harmful to the cultural sector. She also asked lawyer Gabriela Prioli about the government.

Live da cantora Anitta durante quarentena
Anitta - Reprodução/Instagram

In the same way, as when she was silent, Anitta was attacked. On the one hand, she was attacked by fans who believe that politics does not mix with entertainment. On the other, she was attacked by a more intellectual wing that called her ignorant when she asked if the ministries were part of the Judiciary.

The goal, she says, is to bring these discussions to young people, who are generally not interested in politics. "They always speak in a difficult language to confuse our heads, and we don't even want to know it," she said. "And the less we know, the less we will be able to question their decisions."

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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