Woman Suspected of Throwing Child from 5th Floor of São Paulo Building

Child fell onto window shield of car and survived the fall

São Paulo

A three-year-old child fell on Friday morning (24), from the 5th floor of a building on Corifeu de Azevedo Marques Avenue in São Paulo. 

The mother of the girl, Fernanda Fernandes, 29, is suspected of pushing the child. The window's protection screen had been cut, according to the Military Police. 

Woman stays by the window after throwing child in São Paulo - Reprodução/RecordTV

The woman had set fire to the curtains of the apartment before also throwing herself out the window. She was hospitalized in serious condition. Police charged her with attempted murder and arson.

According to the PM, the child survived because a car entering the building cushioned her fall.

The girl got up by herself after hitting the car windshield of Nadieje Macedo, 42, and Carlos Agili, 44, and falling to the ground. The couple, returning from the supermarket, did not realize that it was a child when they heard the fall's crash that shattered the glass.

"She was wrapped in a sheet, and she must be asleep because she did not understand what had happened and she came right into my lap," Nadieje said. Conscious and with small scratches on her back, the girl cried for a coat because she was cold.

She was taken with minor injuries to Hospital das Clínicas. Since they lived on the 4th floor, the couple did not know the mother and the girl, who moved into the building only three months ago.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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