São Paulo Train to Cumbica Airport Is Underused

Express train, which connects the center of São Paulo to the airport, does not use even 2% of its capacity

São Paulo

January 6, the first Monday of 2020. The clock read 11:57, and the train appeared on the platform of Luz station in downtown São Paulo.

There were no lines. There was no turmoil. There was no rush. Only 36 passengers were waiting for the arrival of the composition. The doors closed at noon. It's time for the train to take its second trip of the day to Cumbica Airport in Guarulhos (Grande SP).

The 36 passengers did not occupy even the 40 seats available in one of the eight cars. He was able to travel alone in a clean, air-conditioned wagon, stretch his legs, and sleep on the ride, which lasts about 30 minutes, with no stops and security guards circling the corridor.

Express train connects the center of São Paulo to the airport (Foto: Nelson Antoine/Folhapress) - Folhapress

On the way back, Folha took the 3pm Express and traveled with 35 other passengers to Luz.

The situation witnessed by Folha occurred on a day when Cumbica received about 145,000 passengers, a peak at this time of year caused by school holidays. The number takes into account the total number of people who traveled through the three terminals on flights arriving and departing from the airport.

GRU Airport, the concessionaire responsible for managing the largest airport terminal in the country, did not say how many of these passengers stayed in São Paulo.

But not even Cumbica's convenience and high demand made the CPTM (Paulista Metropolitan Train) service take off. So far, Expresso has attracted few people.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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